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Hey, so I'm a pretty simple person. My life pretty much consists of sleep, school, food, school, writing, school, and more sleep.

My name is not Nikita, but you may call me Nikki, Nik, or Nikita. Whichever you please. I've had some bad experiences online, so I'd prefer to keep my real name to myself. Thanks for understanding.

As I am not able to get to a computer, (I explained below) I will not be able to update regularly. I apologize in advance. I also take my time with stories, but you will be rewarded for your patience with long chapters!

I might as well tell you right off, I'm probably younger than you think. Please do not judge me by my age, as I will not judge you by yours. I am a teenager. I know, I get a ton of crap for it. Just read my stories before you judge me, I should have them up soon.

I love all types of animals, although horses and wolves would have to be my favorite. I own three dogs; two Dachshunds and a German Shorthair. My cousin owns an Egyptian Arab that I very much enjoy riding.

Of course, my favorite pastime is writing. I write all sorts of things, from historical fiction to fantasy, and romance to supernatural. Currently I am writing two realistic fictions, a historical fiction, and a supernatural, which I have been working on for a while.

I'm one of those weird people who writes everything on their iPod. I write on the bus, at 1 in the morning, at sports events, and even occasionally in school! Although I'm probably not the best writer you'll ever meet, I'm trying my best to get better. Over time I've found that the secret to writing is patience, and persistence. Over time my writing has made me a better person, although there are still many dents in my wall from banging my head against it!

A few years ago I was a major geek. I would carry a tattered spiral notebook and a pen everywhere I went. My record was a pen a month for three months. Trust me, I had a ton of little stories!

I'm not a very trusting person, for reasons I'll keep to myself. I made the mistake of letting one of my friends read my first book, and was ridiculed for weeks. Nevertheless, that book was later burned. Not even my family has read even a sentence of my work; I do all the editing myself. I finally decided to take a leap, and post a book on here. I apologize in advance if I do not update regularly, as I am overloaded with school and other things.

Yay! I finally got my first story up! Please read it, as you may be pleasantly surprised. I'd love to know what you think! And yes, i know some of the facts are wrong... sigh

New Stuff:

Okey Dokey, so I can't get on here much, and I apologize to my readers. I'm having some family trouble, and have therefore had no time to write, and no time to put it on here. If someone decides to give me crap for not posting, I will not apologize, for the reasons are out of my control. Thank you for reading this.

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