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Brown-Eyed Chocoholic PM
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Welcome to my silly life.

Freshman. Thirteen. Such a little number.

There's more to me than that. I'm more mature than most my age. Don't be surprised.

Sarcastic. Blunt.

I tend to be called mean.

Don't be so hurt; I'm quite selective about whom I treat very nicely. Deal with it.

Emotional and scarily thoughtful.

Very similar to my father.

I often get impatient.

I hurt the ones I love. I'm imperfect; too bad if you can't get that in your head.

I love writing. My works may be shit to you--but that isn't my problem.

Compliments are what I love getting.

My desktop is dear to me.

Depression? Been there. Self-harm? Done that.

I wish I was good at dancing. God, I envy talented dancers. The way they move makes me so jealous.

An honor student. I'm not very stupid. So don't fuck with me.

Do I sound like the typical thirteen-year-old?

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