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I enjoy writing, but I know I'm not really that good at it. I only let my sister read my stories up until i started posting on this site, and I'm pretty nervous to be putting any stories up, but I'm also extremely excited!

I love to read slash stories, as long as they are toned down; outlandish and flamboyant ones aren't for me, unless the author manages to make the character awesome in some other aspect.

I am super duper obsessed with anything Asian, particularly anything to do with South Korea! It wont be evident in any of my writing that i have posted here because I haven't posted since before my obsession started. I now write fanfiction on AsianFanFics, for anyone that is interested, under the same author name!

One more thing you should know about me, i include artist and TV shows that i love in my writing so if you come across the name of a tv show or band or something you should look it up. I guarantee it'll be awesome!

FOR THOSE OF YOU READING MY STORY I'M NOT WHO YOU THINK I AM!!!!!!!! I'm working on this story, i promise, but I'm having a major case of writer's block right now and it could be a long while before i get around to updating. I'm so sorry if you're following this story and i would appreciate it if anyone who has a comment or idea to spur me on could pm me and tell me. Even the slightest bit of encouragement might be enough to get rid of the block on my mind!

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