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~Random Thingamijigiss about myself~

I happen to live inside a bubble that could easily be popped but through this bubble I could see the monochromatic world with a splash of colors. I’m just really this crazy imaginative girl waiting for some kind of prince charming with dark brown hair, sparkling dark eyes with a rare attitude that will supposedly rescue me from my bubble and show me the world in a whole new perspective. Enough with this fantasy ‘cause here comes reality.


- goes by the name Kim

- a really friendly gal

-who, unfortunately, doesn’t live in America

- but wants to live there

-someone who lives somewhere in ASIA

- a real dreamer

-a girl who believes in the good of others

-a total believer

-someone who can turn into a total bookworm

-a girl who just turned 15


-House of Night Novel

-Fallen novel


-Artemis Fowl

-Percy Jackson and the Olympians

-Kane Chronicles

-Mortal Instruments

-Remember me?

-Can you keep a secret?

-Message in a bottle

-True Believer

-Princess Diaries

DISCLAIMER:Everything i write here is all from my imagination, i do not own anything (schools etc.) and if there are any errors i'm telling you that i'm really sorry also if there are same instances in real life it is purely coincidence.

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