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Who is MarshmallowRabbitt?

She's the coolest thing since chocolate, that's who. Or something like that, anyway.

For any curious would-be stalkers out there, I am twenty, in college for English (obviously) and I am completely and totally insane and loving every minute of it. I think it's just an author type thing. We have to be crazy to do the stuff we do! I also have a cat who is just as crazy as I am.

I actually had another account a few years back but was plagiarized. I didn't think I'd come back but, well, here I am. Guess I just can't stay away from all you amazing peeps. So here's to hoping everything works out better this time around!

Eh. That's it for now, I think.

My Stories:

I have been plagiarized--again. So, I've removed my work and honestly, I don't think I'll be putting it online anytime soon. Sorry to all of my loyal, wonderful readers, but this makes things 2-0 and I'm just not up to dealing with it again.

A Guide to Understanding My Work:

Ratings: If it's rated T, it has content that I believe is suitable for teens, around a PG-13 rating. If it's rated M, it means mature. Not just for things like language or adult themes/situations but also probably violence and all that jazz. Read with caution and don't say I didn't warn you. I won't rate my stuff anything but T or M because of A: the way in which I write falls into these categories and B: those are the audiences my work is geared towards.

Length: I write short stories, usually one shots, and actual "novellas", which'll probably be around 50k or so, give or take a thousand words. The short stories aren't included in my blurbs above because, well, they're short.

Criticisms: I welcome any and all criticisms and I'm happy to return the favor if you ask. However, keep in mind that there's a real person here on the other side of the internet and keep your stuff constructive. Honestly, though, I love reviews. They make me happy inside and they make me want to write more and more. So, feel free to bombard me with them...it might give me the push I need to put something else out!

Genres: I mostly write romance, though I fluctuate between fantasy, contemporary, science-fiction, comedy and just plain cheesy, cliche romance. Pick your poison, shake well and enjoy!

And a final note: Everything here is copyrighted. I hold ALL exclusive rights to my work. It, therefore, is the sole property of myself. Fictionpress is merely given permission to host it on this site. What does this mean? This means that ANY and ALL renditions of my work without my expressed, written permission is PLAGIARISM. Long story short, DON'T do it, ladies and gentlemen. Do not copy, reproduce, host, rewrite, post, paste, etc, my work in ANY SHAPE or FORM. You're more than welcome to read it to your little hearts' content, and of course I encourage everyone to do so, but DO NOT post my work anywhere else for ANY REASON.

If I find out anyone has, I WILL pursue the matter to the furthest extent possible. Yes, that includes suing you for damages and illegal copyrighting. So, to recap, DON'T DO IT! (And I know all of you who are totally awesome and would never do so.)

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