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Name: Ciara

Gender: Female

Country: Philippines

Hi! I'm super dooper new here. I am not a good story author but at least I try. I'll TRY to MAKE stories, maybe. I can be grouchy and cranky sometimes not not my fault I have a lot of problems in my life. I love reading books, using facebook, and I love watching romantic movies. I hate people who uses other people for their own sake. That's it.

THANKS! :)))

03 - 22 - 11

Ok, I'm actually finished with my first one-shot story. I don't know if it's a good story but I think it will do. The story will be published in this month, I'm still not sure 'coz I'm still kind of busy with school and all. And I'm also planning for a lot of stories to come and I hope you'll like it as well. Most of the stories that I'm doing are based on my favorite songs and some are just a figment of my imaginations. Some of the scenes that I write in the story are the bad scenes that usually happen in my life and it's because I'm a MASOCHIST. But don't worry I'm not a SADIST. And my stories are sooo PG-13. :)))

06 - 09 - 11

I had decided not to post the story. Simply because I felt it is too cliche and kinda childish, I do not like it. Oh well, just going to wait for a next idea to come. :)))


I have a lot of ideas for a story, it's just that when it comes to writing it I feel so lazy and the idea just becomes so trashy even to me. I really need to work on not procrastinating as well, 'coz it's a bitch. I don't know if I can ever write a story for fictionpress but hey, there's always hope, right? :)))


Haha, I just had to post this day, don't I? So a lot of ideas has been in my mind recently but it's hard to write it. I don't know if I can ever be an author. And I have been pretty much BUSY, these past few months with projects and stuff (I'm the new class president, haha! :)) ) And I don't know if my story is something worthy to read it will bore you to sleep if I ever write one.

So I'll just recommend for those who ever read this boring update of mine to read my Favorite Stories. They're all good stories to read... worth it! :)))

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