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No one's ever going to know who I really am on this site, right? So, what the heck, here it goes~: -

Name: Saoirse

Age: 22

Spoken Languages: fluent English; some French, German and Japanese.

Favourite Things to Do: Reading, writing, reading, reading, ice skating, dancing, acting, making people laugh.

Favourite Authors: Sophie Kinsella, Pam Jenoff, Jodi Picoult, Alice Sebold, J.K.Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkien, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Lord Byron.

Favourite Genres of books/fictions online/movies: I love to read fiction that are historical, tear-jerkers, thought-provoking, romance, fantasy, drama, adventure and/or mysterious thrillers.

Especially, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Can you keep a secret?, Twenties' Girl, Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Favourite Food: chocolate, hot chocolate drink, strawberries, grapes, baked goods especially cookies and cheesecakes, cheese, Yorkshire pudding, roast dinner, spaghetti, pasta, risotto, paella, stir fry rice, potato croquettes, baked potato with butter and cheese, cheeseburger, scrambled eggs. Italian and Spanish cuisine.

Favourite Colours: simple but classic colours, because that's my fashion style, with occasional cute sporty looks.

Favourite Subjects from back in school: French, music, chemistry, history, modern studies.

Favourite Things to spend money on: Basic skin care stuff such as cleansers and facial creams and toners. No heavy makeup - a big no no. Stationaries - love even just window shopping and browsing stationaries shops. Also, books!!

Random Things about Myself: Shy and quiet, but not so quiet once I get used to the company in question rather talkative. Reserved but often get hyped up easily or get mild nervous attacks (not so much breakdowns). A romantic inside, but too embarrassed to admit it to others.

Pet Peeves: Grammatical errors, lack of apologies after bumping into someone in public, lack of order in queues, unhygienic habits, rude manners and etiquettes.

Dreams - Realistic or Unrealistic?: To be a useful person in the world. To find the one. To be able to fly a plane one day. To fly without any air craft like Peter Pan. To be an excellent cook. To publish a book one day.

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