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Hello everyone

My name is Rhonda Caroline Plummer, I have chosen to work under the pen name Rhocar.

I have returned to fictionpress after a couple of years, I have set myself the task of going back to my stories and profiling the characters and expanding the stories. Have not done any writing for a while, so now I am looking to pick up my pen so to speak and see what comes. Hoping to find a community to fit into, and will definetly do some reviewing, and hopefully will get some more reviews from you.

I have been writing stories and 'poetry' since around 1994, it is definetly a hobby.

Curiousity has now got the better of me so I have decided to post some and find out if they are any good. As time goes on I will post it all the good, the bad and the ugly, hoping that your feedback will help iron out bad habits. They will appear in no particular order, so if I post something that you think does not come up to a standard you think I may have reached, it may well have been an earlier piece.

I look forward to your feedback.

A little add on that may help you understand me, I dropped out of high school and English was not one of my better subjects in school. So I was extremely surprised when I wrote my first piece in 1994, and was proud of what I had written, since then I have on many occassions been pushed by my muse to put pen to paper, I only wish my muse could help me with the grammatical errors I make, so apologies to my readers I am trying.

Many thanks to those who are reading and reviewing, I will post more as I am able.

My main aim regarding writing is do a novel set in eighteenth century Austria, amid the composers, monarchy, religious sects, and a common housemaid. Still in research mode.

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