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Hey, so i'm 14 years old so my writing is probably not perfect and amzng pollished like some people's... I'd appreciate if you read my stories and noticed mistakes or just didn't like it, if you could comment and tell me how to improve (You could also comment if you really liked it too! Feel free to tell me what you liked =P )

I'm currently writing 3 stories (the full summaries are under the 'my stories' bit:

Being Hunted Truly Sucks

Ths story is about vampires and dhampirs...

the story is also on hold for the moment as i'm focusng on the other two stories and i also have writers block at the moment :/

The Deah Zone

I enjoy writing this story quite a lot and i feel that Alex is quite a funny character...

If you enjoy lots (and i mean a lot) of drama then this story will hopefully suit you well =)

Good Things Never Last Forever

Okay... So, firstly, i've never really written romance before; i usually stick to action or supernatural leaving the romance as a sub genre, but hey, I decided to give it a shot!

The story will have quite a lot of drama and is actually based on an event that happened to one of my best friend's =D

If you're looking for awesome stories to read you should check out these:


By Alias Blue (This story is actually amazing!!)

It's really awesome so far =p

Geta A Heart

by Miaaa-.

I love it!

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