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Hmm...what to say what to say. Well let's put it this way I wouldn't exactly call myself a person who "follows the norm". You could apply all those sayings about not being the brightest crayon in the box, sharpest tool in the shed, etc. BUT you can definitely say I'm the cheesiest of all cheese, the brightest of neon colors, the geeky nerd who doesn't even really fit into that label. anyways since i'm rambling i guess i should spill some of the goods about me, myself, and i. well first off i love to read. shoot this may be a shocker but i actually LOVE reading more than tv! (cue dramatic music). i love to challenge myself and try to enjoy every aspect life has to offer. If i could name one of my better qualities it'd probably be that even if i wanted to (which i would never do anyways) i can't judge people. i mean sure there are those crazy people who do horrible crimes but i mean i can't judge a person based on first impressions like the phrase "first impressions are important" i say bs and follow the "don't jude a book by it's cover". I like outdoorsy stuff, sports, cooking/baking, painting on my walls, singing and music. i'm a pretty non-normal/normal person which i know doesn't make any sense at all but it's true! any who i'm super picky when it comes to the types of genres and styles that writers choose to do and i've got to say that a lot of the stories i favorited and the authors i've followed have 100% deserved to be complimented and congratulated for producing these fine works of art that takes "painting a picture with words" to a whole other level. The way they can portray subtle hints and foreshadow events to come astounds me. I can firmly say that I have become each of these brilliant writers' adoring fan and will be awaiting for their next big conquest.

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