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Hi ! My name is Alma aka Celestialuna, I was born at midnight on a full moon. I was baptized with that name by my grandmother.

Age 34.

I'm from the beautiful plains of Oklahoma but my family is from Mexico. I speak both Spanish and English. My father was an American, an English professor. My mother is Mexican, an has a DR degree in international relations. I use to get so mad when people use to ask if my mother was the nanny or something because I was white with brown hair and my mom was the tipical mexican with dark hair and tan skin. Even now they'd say "that's your mom" and of course I'd say "What are you trying to say" that usually shuts them right up.

Likes- chocolate, Spanish music, Country(I do live in Oklahoma,) Rock, Classic Rock, R&B, Oldies, Metal, pretty much everything! Reading and Traveling. Dislikes- sour cream, tail-gating, people talking on cell phones while driving, people mispronouncing my name. Horror movies or shows totally ruining songs for me! like an episode on X-files that played "Twilight Time" by The Platters while a couple got fried, I still can't listen to that song and not get goosebumps. Stephen King does it all the time!! There is a total of 15 songs that I can't listen to them the same way.

My favorite books are.. Harry Potter series Anita Blake Series, Merry Gentry series, Twilight Series

Favorite Shows.. Criminal Minds, NCIS, Lie To Me, The Mentalist, Ghost Whisper, "Ghost Adventures and Man vs. Food" on the Travel Channel, "Diners, Drive Thrus and Dives" on the Food Channel and of course True blood. Charmed, Roseanne, Living Single, Xena: Warrior Princess, George Lopez.

Favorite Movies... Clue, The Princess Bride, Willow, Lost Boys, Labyrinth, Stand by Me, Grease, Temors, Robin Hood Men in Tights, Ever After, Dirty Dancing, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Once upon in the West, Gone With The Wind, Wierd Science, Harry Potter, all the Disney Movies, Joe Dirt, Wizard of Oz, Medea goes to Jail, She's the Man.

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