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First story: ‘Under His Mercy’.

After meeting her in a party, Jason decides that he wants Madeleine to be his and since nothing stands in his way, after being rejected by her, Jason decides to kidnap her and make her fall for him. But what he didn’t expect is her constant attempts to escape and instead of charming her like he planned, Jason ends up doing the opposite. Very dark with explicit sexual content.

Second story: The Dark Prince’. *complete*

Upon his coronation, King Jarek receives From Abbey Fountain village a girl as a gift to work in his castle. Expecting to be a service maid, Victoria ends up serving the king’s special needs. She suffers from his unwanted affection and his insatiable lust. Very dark with explicit sexual content.

Third story: ‘Vengeance’.

Amber only wanted to live her life peacefully, having lost her mother in a car accident when she was fifteen and never got to know her father, her only relative is her half-brother Ted. Tristan Williams is her boss and is hell bent on destroying her life for unknown reasons. Explicit content.

Fourth Story: ‘Stolen’

Was supposed to be a two-shot, but after the positive feedback and the many requests it received is now an on-going story.

Set in the nineteenth century, Bailey travels to the Arabian Sahara to meet her fiancé, instead she gets kidnapped and seduced by a dangerous Sheikh that doesn’t take a no for an answer.

WARNING: As I meantioned, my stories are very graphic and rated AO for a reason. If you feel offended by that, don’t read. I will not tolerate rude reviewers.

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