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Hello, my name is Margaret, but my to my best friend I'm known as simply, Margy. :)

My most prized possesion are my vocal chords.

I'm a junior! That means only one more year of High School. :D

Going to college to major in Musical theater and then take over the entertainment industry.

I want to build my own theater someday.

I'm in the middle of writting tons of different stories and I hope that one day, I might actually finish one of them.

I'm addicted to coffee, British accents, and I sing every single day.

I love Golden Age films and I believe Disney should go back to their classic animation.

I love: Debating. Broadway Musicals. History. Ghost stories. Criminology. Bohemian style clothing. Laughing.

I've learned that, in life, the best way to over come my struggles is to turn them into literature.

Movies: Gone with the Wind, 500 Days of Summer, Beauty and the Beast, It Happened One Night, Gladitor, Meet me in St. Louis and Chicago

Music: Sara Bareilles, Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert, Kate Voegele, Katy Perry, and various Broadway Soundtracks

Books: The Mediator Series, Pretty Little Liars, A Walk to Remember, Twilight, To Kill a MockingBird and Secrets of my Hollywood Life

Inspirations: Meg Cabot, Kristen Chenoweth and Taylor Swift

TV Shows: Criminal Minds, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Jersy Shore, and That 70's Show

"Love is not blind, it's insane." - Next to Normal

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