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Hello! Hi to you too~ thanks for viewing my profile. I am a reviewer, obviously not a writer at fp. I do not write and sent my work at anywhere. I am a writer, an amateur writer. I write a lot, which often abandoned. Lately, I mostly wrote some romantic stories. Some are on going writing, most abandoned after few para. It usually happened when my mind gave me ideas, I wrote it, but again my mind give me Ideas. Which lead to abandon. It's frustrating. And while I get through it, I found a story, which is a very, very dark story. About gengster groups, a baby w mismatched clothes, blood on her cloth, 1 hand hold a amputated finger and 1 hand hold a knife. She supporting cute smile. It's unfinished, and written years ago. I don't know I have it in me, writting dark stories that is. Coz I hate anything that is violent or gory!
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