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Greetings there, ladies & gents! I've kept this blank for the longest of time since there wasn't anything in particular I wanted to share here, but the blankness of it all has been driving me crazy recently. So I added this. Woo! I prefer to chat more one-on-one as a whole, so if you want to chat, Skype me at Primequis!

With regards to my personal tastes, I'm into storytelling across all mediums (anime, comics, manga, video games, live action TV, movies, theater, music, and shockingly, books) and I'm, for the most part with some exceptions, open to all kinds of things. I can't promise I'll like it, but I'm fine giving things a try. Beyond entertainment, I'm big into philosophy & psychology. History is also pretty cool and can prove fascinating all the stuff we can learn or has actually happened. Personally, I prefer to do a more satirical approach to it since, if you really stop to think about it, human history is freaking absurd. I love it! XD I'm also a huge fan of visual art (even though I can't draw whatsoever) and love to admire the work of anybody in that medium. I envy your abilities!

The artwork I currently feature of Cassidy Cain was drawn and colored by DeviantArt's Aelinau. Go give her lovely gallery a look (and then some)!

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