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Hi there fellow writers and readers and possibly even artists. I'm sorry to say but I am a very slow updater. But whenever I update I try to update quality work. For those who want to know about me: Favorite Color: Black... no I'm not goth. Black just intrigues me. Favorite Animal: Tiger! No I don't value my pride over everything else in this world. Favorite Bird: A lot of people don't have one. Mine's a nightingale. Favorite Book: More like books. The Chanters of Tremaris Trilogy. I could call them the love of my life. If they were not inanimate objects, I would marry them. ;) Favorite Song: My mind is very capricious. I stick to one song at a time until I feel the poor track is abused enough. As of now it's "Can I have this dance" Favorite Music: Cliched lyrics. Catchy tune that could put you to sleep and will make your heart flutter. I have a lot of story ideas bubbling, but I am constraining myself to put them down on paper one after another. This is it for now... I shall update lord knows when. :)
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