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I'm basically a normal person who loves to read and write (but don't have enough patience to actually pick up the proverbial pen-in my case, the keyboard).

I try to write about my own culture sometimes, but I just love me some Western ya know? Heheh. My culture's too full of restrictions and beliefs that really makes it hard for someone lazy like me who doesn't like to do much of anything, least of all research (bleargh!).

I've only finished one story in this place, and that was just a oneshot (it was loosely based on life here where I live- very loosely).

I'm busy with assignment and such useless acts these days so updates will be few and far between.

And I love takoyaki!! Haha, just had to get that out there. Don't ask me why.

Things that are important to know about me are:

1. I love my family (like all of my 9 siblings, my 5 nieces and my 6 nephews, and of course my parents)

2. I love Dashboard Confessional

3. I love dirty jokes (saying them or hearing them, yeah gotta love 'em)

And 4. I love strong women! (Not sexually, no. Sorry eh, ladies, I'm just not wired that way)

Soooooo, that's everything you need to know about me, a stranger most likely from a different continent, but my parents taught me that I should not show all my cards too early. Be a friend to know a man as my dad says (being a feminist, I highly resented the use of the word 'man', but it rhymes, so gotta have it, haha). So olive branches are encouraged if you think you wanna know this highly ordinary person. Yeah, that was a lame attempt to sound interesting by admitting that I'm boring. Bleargh!

Bye! :)

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