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Sorry if I hardly ever update... I have heaps of things going on at the moment... So again: Sorry! But now... I HAVE A LAPTOP!!! YAY! AND we have wireless at home! Another YAY! So now, I can update ALL THE TIME! YAY ME! (I guess I like saying "YAY!") And now I have THE BEST cover for my latest story...

Breaking Benjamin Rules!

If you're looking for me on Fan-fiction, my names are the same on both Fan-Fiction and Fiction-Press

Dad's Italian Boss

When Nova’s father has to make an unexpected trip to Australia, he leaves her and her brothers in the care of his young boss, Bruno. He’s rich, powerful, good looking and arrogant. But as little Nova gets to know the young man, she begins to realize that mythology and fairy tales, aren’t as untrue as most people think.

“I can give you everything you desire, and more. Whatever you want, whatever you need, it can be yours. The only catch? Leave D’Angelo. Come to me. Embrace me, not him” Riley Gray.

“Do not fear me, little Nova. I am not your enemy. I will, however, become your enemy if you do not do what I ask…” Bruno D’Angelo.

“Stay away from that Riley guy, sis. I don’t trust him. And neither does Bruno.” Tyler White.


Character, Age, Name, Nationality

Main Character (15): Nova White (American)
Alpha of the Italians, Owner of the D'Angelo Company (29): Bruno D’Angelo (Italian)
Alpha of the Australians (32): Riley Grey (Australian)
Nova’s eldest brother (24): Jason White (American)
Nova’s elder brother (20): Tyler White (American)
Bruno’s Beta (37): Emilio (Italian)
Bruno’s other pack members (25, 26, 30, 19): Joe, Daniel, Michael, Julian (Italians)
Nova’s Father (47): Brent White (American [?])
Nova’s teacher; Riley’s Beta (26): Mr. Solomon (Australian)

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