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NEWS: As some of you will already know I am no longer updating or creating stories on my SweetSarah2 account. These days I use an account called Atramento and I've been using this for a few years now. If you want to check out my more recent writing please check out Atramento, otherwise, continue on to my profile below.

Hey I'm Sarah...which you probably gathered already.

I'm an American New Zealander, born and raised in good ol' NZ. I only just recently took my first trip overseas to the US to meet family and all that jazz. I love to write - obviously - and I also love reading, baking and mythology. I can swing pois better than anyone you know, type a hundred miles a minute and I annoy my friends by constantly correcting their grammar. I dislike attention seekers, judgers, fakers and people who hate others without knowing them. I like thinking deep and insightful thoughts and I've been told my face is amusing. Other than that I would have to say that I'm a Christian, I love my family, even when they are being whacky and I live to make my friends laugh.

Some of you will have noticed that Little Red and Tickled Pink have been taken down and that Silver has been put on a permanent hiatus. You probably got the big version at the time so basically: I wasn't happy with them and I didn't want third rate junk out here when I'm trying to actually produce decent writing. A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who reviews. Especially on Cat and Mouse which is essentially my baby. Huge thanks also to the 136 people who favourited it.

I love fluffy bathrobes, Disney movies,manga, chilli plants, sticking my head out car windows at 89 miles per hour, singing at the top of my lungs when no one is watching and of course chocolate.

I hate when people tell me I have to do this or I have to do that. I hate sexism, racism and most things ending with 'ism'. I also hate people who are too stuck up to realize other people are just as good as them.

My favourite books are: The Mortal instruments, Maximum Ride, Fire, Graceling, The Missing series, The Mediator series, and loads of others.

Now go read some of my work, spread peace and eat a cupcake.

Love SweetSarah2

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