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I started writing when I was eleven and in fifth grade... All my stories are dark, just saying. My first story was about murder. It was the first stepping stone to what I write today.

I'm sixteen now and love to write, some of my writings I use as an outlet. In school just write write write:) Thats why my english teacher loves me:)

Just some info:

Name: Angel

Grade: Senior

Country: U.S.A- N.Y

Year: Sixteen

Some of my writings (that aren't on here) is referenced to my life... and my struggles. In the story Bound, that is on here, only one part refers to me. Most of Alexa's story is just emotion that I needed to put on paper, so hence her life was made. I've never had a story where I knew exactly the story line before I wrote it, so Bound is no different. I was just writing in school and my friend looked over and told me it was good and I needed to put it on here. So I did. Please, read and review. Don't be afraid to give useful constructive criticism. But please try to be nice about it. -Angel

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