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Hola! So you're here to read a little about me, yeah? Go ahead. Nobody's stopping you... or forcing you. ;)

Fifteen and a Filipino
(proud and loving it!)

Just to let you know, I'm a tad bit weird and perhaps even crazy. (Then again, who isn't?) Writing, daydreaming, and fangirling are my hobbies. I like a lot of stuff, which would take an hour or two of your time to read, if ever I decide to list them down. Books, anime/manga, music, food, animated movies are a few of those stuff. I honestly didn't know how to start and I don't know how to end this. It's not like I don't know how to describe myself, but don't you think it's hard summing yourself up in just sentences?

-x- I've also got an account here. Check it out! -x-


This girl has a lot of ideas with not that much time.

Jan. 01, 2013:

New year, new update! Chapter 8 of Playing with Fire is now up. Happy New Year, guys! :D

Jan. 06, 2013:

I Should've Been Cinderella has now been updated.

Jan. 20, 2013:

New chapter of Playing with Fire is now up.

May 30, 2013:

New chapter of I should've Been Cinderella is now up!

Aug. 04, 2013:

Playing with Fire has been updated.

Oct. 15, 2013:

I Should've Been Cinderella has been updated.

"If you show your little smile, it'll be okay."

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