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Hello. I'm The Siege. I also have a Fanfiction (The Siege), but the one and a half stories I have there are horribly juvenile and utterly cringe-worthy. Read at your own risk.

I apologize to anyone who has read my stories and felt that they suck. However, if you feel like this, IT WOULD REALLY HELP IF YOU TOLD ME SO. :D I'm not a writing prodigy (oh, how I wish) so I am always extremely grateful to anyone who decides to toss a bit of advice my way.

For a more poetic experience, check out my little bro Pzychotic! He's got some very interesting poetry up (it's kinda dark and spooky but also beautiful) and also "The Time Game" which is totally fantastic so yeah, you can check them out and (hopefully) review.

And also go read peanuts and paydays 'cause she's freaking awesome. :D And hilarious.

I like to write. I also like to read. Thank you.

Write on. Read on. That's my motto. :D

11/13/2014: So I'm on hiatus. I'm sure that's obvious by now as I've only been posting short poems lately because they don't take forever to write, but I have not abandoned my incomplete stories here! I plan on finishing them all definitively someday. Just give me some time to figure out my life and future first. Thank you for your patience.

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