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Hello, everyone! I am DayDreamer95, and I am here for the same reason as most of you probably are: to write! Okay, I really do love to write - it's one of my favorite pastimes - but all I've really written before is fanfiction. Now I'm ready to try my hand at writing original work! Some other things I like to do is read, draw, play video games, among others. My fav color is red, and my imagination can be very wild sometimes. I usually spend my free time daydreaming, hence my pen name, and most of those daydreams are about potential stories. I aspire to be a real author, to get a story published for real, but I doubt that will really ever happen. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my stories! And by the way, I love reviews, so review as much as possible! What else am I forgetting? Oh, I also have a profile on FanFiction.Net under the same pen name if anyone is interested. So, bye-bye for now!
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