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Name: Maddy

Age: Teenager

Sports: Swimming, volleyball, soccer

Color: Yellow

About Me:

I don't really expect to be on this site much, but I figured it would be nice to have one when I start writing original stories.

You can find me under Scarheart of DarkClan on fanfiction.

Story Ideas:

-The Slicks- There is only one thing you have to do in the Slicks: Survive. Nothing ever changes. Auroroa is a Underling who wishes the world would somehow change. She had grown tired of the Cloudlings telling her everything she must do. It is time for the age-old system of power to break and the dark secrets that bind the world to be exposed.

-The Chase: A Story of the Prairie- A story I wrote in gifted class. Two prairie dog pups, Ariana and Jess, find themselves on a big adventure when they travel out of the burrowers for the first time. They break the rules and almost suffer the results of their action. Only these two unlikely friends could have survived.

-Pounce and Spring: A Story for Lion Cubs- Another story from gifted. Tumble's, Mangle's, and Squeak's mother is going out hunting so they are sent to Mother Sunray and Mother Wind, the two oldest lionesses in the pride. They tell the cubs an unforgettable story about two of the most troublesome cubs, Pounce and Spring. Where ever they go, adventure is sure to follow. It is an exciting story that helps the cubs pass the time until their mother returns.

-White: The Color Trilogy- My super star idea. The world is ruled by two supreme rulers, Black and White, who live in the City of Color. They send out a notice that the new leaders, scheduled to be revealed any day, are too be killed. Cloud is born in the Blue town of Oceanview. When she opens her eyes, they reveal her to be White, the next leader. When the mercenaries find out, they set path to kill her. Cloud knows if she wishes to live, she must find the new Black.

-Black: The Color Trilogy- Sequeal to White.

-Splatter: The Color Trilogy- Sequeal to White and Black.

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