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as my name says i am an anarcho-syndicalist look it up

i am currently a student and revolutionary the bosses will fall and catolonia will rise again

i organised a small collective business at my school and founded a union that fights for student self management and work control

we won a few consetions from the teachers such as allowing students a fair trial for most punishments

we also direct democracy instead of the student council

we used some creative tactics

our school is huge six stories tall and about the length of 2 1/2 football fields and is a set up with 3 main thoroughfares on each story and a labyrinth of small halls empty class rooms and stare cases many classes are set in the labyrinth and the school gives students such as a map that takes them to each class most don't stray much but a few know the ins and outs with short cuts and hidey wholes so we set up road blocks on each of the school appointed of halls and didn't let anyone pass until they singed a petition

we also got a lunch boycott many non union members did so as well the school was broke until they agreed to come to the table

we stopped working for days on end

the school does this thing were they offer you money and extra-credit to work on the school as it is to large for the towns custodial budget we went on strike

viva la solidarity viva la freedom VIVA LA REVOLUTION

we threated to bomb the state tests at that point the school believed everything we said so it came to the table

we had also set up a bot the school computers i could have shut them all down or changed any grade from my house we did not tell the school as that would admit hacking but only the school has some kids it pays to work with the computers and it cannot afford geek squad and they are all union members so they would strike when the crash came down the school would have to concede to get working computers we still have the bots working so we can have a ready made bargaining chip should the school try to attack us again

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