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Hello loves!

About me;

I'm writer (Obviously). It's my passion- I've been doing it since I was 10. I first started publishing on Youtube, in the description box, and just about a year ago I found FP and posted on here.

I always have a new idea everyday for a new story or just to use in one I'm writing, so if you're ever stuck and need some help, I'd be more than honered to suggest something!

I have finished The Princess and the Prince, and as some of you may know I was supposed to do a sequel. BUT I don't think I will continue with the sequel until later.

I've started a new story I hope to get published as a book, which I will be working on for awhile. I'll post it on here once I finished, so in the mean time I won't be updating anything.

I'm sorry!

Here's a link you can go to and find pictures of all the characters from The Princess and the Prince and soon to be coming, the sequel:


That's all I have to say. I hope you guys enjoy my stories.

Message me if you'd like to talk sometime. Thanks!


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