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I have a fanfiction account so i just put the same profile for that one.

Hey!! My name is ISIS, AKA: Vampire Princess.

I love Vampires and call me crazy but i want to be one.

I was born on November 11, 1997 so im currently 13

I live in Maryland

Im in High School

I love to read and write (storys, and poems)

Here are some pomes that i found on the internet i do not take any credit in them.


Death is when my loved ones must depart

Death is a sharp pain in my heart

Death is this feeling of permanent sadness and pain

Death is when my loved ones have gone away

Death is the call to heaven or hell

Death is an eternal mansion or cell

Death is the lesson I need to learn about

Death is a loss, without a doubt

Death is this unhappy feeling I have

Death is pleasant on my behalf

Death is the day I end my life

Death is when I give up the fight

Death is happiness to the world around me

Death started when I gained my life

Death can be helped along with this knife

Death is where I shall go

Death is close I know

Death will come fast

Death is vast

Death is what I see

Death lives inside of me

Death is joy to me

Death has come for me

Death is going to take me

Death will stop my misery

Death loves my company

Death ends the pain

Death takes me on that train

Death is near

Death is finally here

Here is another one:

Fuck You: A Suicide Note

I have come here Just to inform you... I'm NOT sorry, For what I shall do. I have no guilt Nor shame, For leaving you To your life game. Life holds nothing... Nothing for me. No purpose. Only misery. I'm in debt. I'm in pain. I cry, knowing I'm not sane. Cause I see me dead. A grewsome scene. My knife in my throat. The bloodiest of dreams. Chris will find me. He'll call the police. But I'll be long gone, Still wishing for peace.

No one gives a fuck. No one will care, While at my corpse, They'll stare. Just another one. Another fucked up kid. You're better off With what I did. I went quiet. I went alone. I went to find A new home. I'm with the others. Those like me. Helpless, lost, dead... Gathered alone in our misery.

I know. I'm going to hell. But it's probably Just as well. Mom. Dad. I love you. I just don't know What else I can do. I'm sick of hurting. I'm sick of crying. I'm sick of all the Pieces of me dieing.

I'd feel empty If not for the rage. If not for all this hate Pushing me to this stage.

Kristin... Fuck you. You took away All I knew.

Rina... Fuck you... You drove me To this too.

All of you. You could see. You all knew what Was happening to me. You watched me. Losing my mind. So all you fucks... Leave your jokes behind. You're all responsible. You could have stopped this. But you never cared. You all wanted this.

The time has come. This is what I need to do. I just needed to leave Something for all of you. I hope you enjoy this. I wrote it just for you. This is it. My final "FUCK YOU!"

And Another one!!!

Vampire Love

Give me, give me, give me

Love to make me whole.

Fill me, fill me, fill me Fill my empty soul.

Need me, need me, need me Never set me free.

Want me, want me, want me Touch my mystery.

Tell me, tell me, tell me None can take my place.

Touch me, touch me, touch me, Stroke my trembling face.

Hold me, hold me, hold me Hold me with delight.

Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me In the dark of night.

Pull me, pull me, pull me Pull me at the core.

Drain me, drain me, drain me Make me beg for more.

Tell me, tell me, tell me What I need to do.

'Til you've gone to someone else And I've become like you.

A few more, then on to the one i wrote.

A Broken Mirror

A Broken Mirror A Distorted Face A Shattered Heart A Clear Distaste

A Fallen Tear A Reddened Eye A Downturned Mouth A year Gone By

A Loaded Gun A Finished Fear A bloodied Wall A Broken Mirror

So here are some poems that i wrote but please if you like them dont take credit for them. I hate when ppl do that and it makes me really sad.

Just a Shadow...

You can cry as many tears you want

Your just wasting water

Nobody cares when you are hurt

Your just a shadow of your sister

As you trail behind her, looking down

You don't notice that greened eyed stranger

The one who finally notices you

The one who cares for you

He steps infront of you, pulling you into his arms

You tense up, thinking you would be punished

He starts to stroke your hair

And you start to relax

It's okay. he murmers, I care for you

I'm always here for you

you start to cry into his chest

Trembling. Crying tears of joy and sarrow

someone cares for me

Im not alone.

Soooooo did you like it? I have a whole book filled with Poems but im not going to put it on here.

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