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Hi, as my name states above, I'm Bookworm-At-Starbucks!

Some, though I don't think much, will know me from Fanfic with my main project of Dimitri Belikov's diary. For a long time I wanted to write my own stories without being bound by the series I have to enter in. It took me awhile to find Fiction Press. It was completely by accident too.

I was just making a blog to like write my own stories when I was checking my account on Fanfic when I saw fiction press. It was like the gates of heaven finally opening up to me.

Okay, I hope people enjoy my stories for one, I LOVE telling them and two, I want to be an author and all.

Hope you guys like them.

My blogs are:



And for my original stories and characters:

- http://www.fictionpress.com/u/786044/Bookworm_At_Starbucks

Follow me there, stalk me ( in a friendly manner of course ) and listen to me rant about my daily life.

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