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I have an account on FanFiction.net and when I heard about FictionPress, I decided to give it a try.

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5 Clues That A Guy Likes You: A lot of girls wonder if the guy they're crushing on likes them back. Sometimes girls wonder if any guy likes her. Well, these clues will hopefully help you determine if the lucky fellow is worth your time.

Upcoming Stories:

The Gemstone Realms: In the future where the continents have collided again, natural resources have become the new thing. You either have the minerals or you don't. If you're the lucky people who do have the stones then you're considered Royalty. People in the future are more power hungry, so what better than having deals to raise your standards? That only leaves forcing your children into arranged marriages, but Amber Adamas is serious about love. Will she be able to escape her mother's grasp and find her happily ever after with the guy who loves her back?

Invisible Murder: Serenity Langley. Don't let the name fool you because she's no saint. Especially not since she got involved with her close friend Kent LeBlanc. When Kent disappears one Halloween, things begin to change. His family mysteriously disappears and no one recalls much about them other than mentioning Kent's disppearance. The night Kent is officially reported missing, Serena receives a cryptic message. She leaves the message alone, but a year later the messages are back and left by someone known as "KLB". "KLB" wants her dead and so does an invisible force. Her perfect life is turned upside down as people learn about her history with Kent. The rumors state that you go near Serena and you might experience a near-death experience...

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