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i don't really know what to write here sooo i'll just wing it?

Let me start by doing my plugs that i am SURE no one really cares about..but hey? if you do please check it out and give me some feedback. i am beggginngggg you..and i hate groveling. sooo here are the plugs:

my twitter name is @writer_masked

i ALSO have a website on weebly that i created before posting some of my stuff up on here. you'll probably see me plugging it on twitter if you choose to follow me

the url is

i highly recommend you check it out. (hahaha of course i'll say that)

and as most of you probably do. i have a fanfiction account..same name. just different site.

i don't update often..well..sometimes i do.. i get wierd with my writing habits..i get an idea and i go and i can't stop. then all of a sudden i dont get anything for a long while. i need inspiration..so just be patient with me and i'd really appreciate that. sometimes if you guys message me or get a discussion going with me i might get some inspiration..mostly i enjoy the talks but trust me..they help.

i like writing songs and poems most often..although every once in a while i'll pull a story out of me somewhere..i don't think i have the focus ability enough to write anything too long when that happens though..i think the longest i've written was 6 pages? idk..i have a whole lot of ideas, but i just can't focus for more then a few days. although i'm positive some of my ideas i have can be longer or maybe even real story length if i actually went into more details..but i get these ideas and this plot line and time of events pops into my head and i cant get everything down so i write it before i can lose it which inevitably ends up mostly with me losing most of what couldve been its length.

Anyways. i am rambling (i do that a lot) so i shall let you go on your merry way now, but i WOULD appreciate it if you'd read and comment though. I'd like that very much so. thanks and have a nice day (or night for the nightowls like me) =]

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