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Hi Ithinkilikecheese here. I know the name is kinda stupid, actually really stupid, but it was the first thing that came to me. I am a fifteen year old boy who is way to mature for his own good. I enjoy people, and love animals Its all good.

Things you have to know about me to be my friend...

I am smart. All a student

I find annoying people annoying (if that makes sense)

I like video games a lot (but i am surpriseingly not a geek)

The annoying things hasnt been working for some reason, since a lot of my friends are down right crazy.

Things that you probably don't want to know...

I have a love for cheese. For certain cheeses anyway.

Enough about me, what about you. Just review, and we can have a conversation through my stories. If anyone reads them. I plan on doing a lot of different stories, so look of for me.

Other things you might want to know.

I am sixteen, I love anime and the Hunger Games (wonderful series).

I am really nice to get along with.

I'm pretty good at singing if I say so myself. I love reading stories that have wonderful descriptions, that just pulls me, and if I'm dissapointed it's a really big bummer

All of you should check out . It's a website that challenges you to write a 50,000 worded novel in a month, not pages. It's eexciting

I love inside jokes with a passion, and have a deep hate for censorship! Haha inside joke!

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