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What? I don't have a profile? When did this happen?

Anyway, I'm Nicky. I'm twenty-six on this day of our lord Vader, and I do things like work at a video game studio, play Minecraft, draw things, write things, read a whole bunch, and watch any and all things nerdy (did I mention I have a combination Tardis/Enterprise tattoo?). When I'm not doing those things I'm probably petting animals or trying to catch frogs in my backyard here in Novato, California (for those who don't know, that's in the northern Bay Area of California, USA).

You can follow me on tumblr and LJ and archiveofourown at freakazoid_13.

Feel free to message me about anything, like if you want to talk or share your dreams or geek out about Kylo Ren or the Flash.

Onward to glory!


I'm 31 now. Where does the time go? Don't live in Novato anymore, but I'm still in the Bay Area. Still work in video games, though I hate it more now. I don't really use fictionpress anymore, mostly AO3, like a normal person. But I'm drunk and here tonight looking for an old fic *shrug* no one will ever read this, I bet. What have I done with my life? I miss the me that wrote that stuff above. Such an innocent, happy little bean. Look at me now, drinking whiskey by myself, looking for a fic I've already read twice. I miss Novato. I miss the frogs. I hate it here in San Jose. I miss my old job. I miss being skinny. I miss a lot of things.

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