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Felix Marlowe-Cain PM
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Eccentric, non-conforming, gender-neutral,slightly insane, author and artist! Bipolar and autistic (also slightly dyslexic - the irony is not lost on me) I have an overactive imagination and stubborn dedication to my art that is almost comically stereotypical. I have one novel published on Amazon Kindle and several more on the way. My dream is to carve out a little legacy for myself in the fantasy fiction section of every library and on the bookshelves of every self-respecting nerd, geek, fangirl/boy, goth, fantasy-lover and aspiring creative out there. Someone once told me ‘I’d never make it’ to fame and glory. Obviously, I have to prove them wrong, so any and all feedback and constructive criticism is always greatly appreciated! Thanks to all who stop and check out my work and even more love to everyone who follows me and keeps me propped up with encouraging reviews, likes, shares etc; you wonderful people are literally my bread and butter!

Keep Rockin’! ;)





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