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Hello everyone! My name's JP Lacey! I am in a pre-med high school, and I hope to be a pediatric neurologist one day!

In the meantime, I love to write! I have written four books, two of which seven publishers keep asking me if they can publish with their companies. A bit stressful, as I can't figure out which company would be best. . .

Something that I think makes me unique, is my heterochromia! :) I have one blue eye, and one green eye :) Also, my favorite sport is trapezing (though I have no plans on joining a traveling circus, if you were curious, as so many of my friends usually are).

Well, I hope you enjoy the stories I hope to post here soon. Go on and read if you feel up to it! I mostly write fiction and fantasy.

If you decided not to read any of my stories, then I hope you have a great day anyway! :)

I love you all, my amazing readers!

~JP Lacey

P.S. I don't have a beta reader as of yet, so I beta read my own work. Please bear with me through all spelling and grammar mistakes. I'll try to catch as many as I can, but feel free to message me or tell me in a review if you don't think my skills are up to the best standards. I try my best :) Also, I am apparently pretty good at beta reading for other people, so feel free to ask me about any stories you would like to have beta-ed!

Disclaimer: Everything written about is original, aside from certain references to places (like New York, which obviously exists). If any characters, events, or places (like Larson Academy, which is one hundred percent original) relate to something in the real world, or something else you have read, I assure you it is completely coincidental :)

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