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ivy alias
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You can call me ivy alias, or ivy, whatever.
I write like a mofo! Or something.
I like original fiction muchly. And slash. And femslash, even.
I also am vaguely involved in Harry Potter fandom. Go fig.

L-Chan is my evil evil partner in crime. We're both origfic writers and extremely.. uh, extreme. Or something.

We're going to take over the world with our mad origfic skillz!

Or not.

Either way, she's an arse-kicking writer and fantastic artist. Go see her! She's on my "Favorite Authors" page.

I'm putting up Easy To Be Stupid again because it's fun and I felt like it.
All my other origfic is on my webpage.
However, link above is to my lj. You can get to my page through there. My lj is more fun than my page anyway. Go say hello to me!

I've noticed that there's not enough good femslash out there, and I'm going to remedy that at some point. When I stop being lazy.


You probably found this name through some review of one story or another, most likely original. I've got some big plans involving origfic, and most likely people will hear more about these in the future that approaches.. whenever.

EDITED ON 11/14/03 TO ADD:

I no longer post with any semblance of regularity (or any semblance of posting whatsoever) on fictionpress. If you're interested in any of my other writing, please go to my lj, where I poke around all day. From there you can be redirected to my newer original works.

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