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So as you can imagine,I (quite obviously) have created an account. I won't bore you with personal information, so let's get into the story statuses, stati, whatever the plural of status is.

IN HEAD These stories are the ones I have the idea for in my head, but have not yet started to write down. These may or may not ever see the light of day. I will not be putting 1-shots in here, as those are, well, short. For the most part.


PLOTTED Sub-category. I have the plot for these stories worked out, and as such, will not accept changes to their story line(Unless the change is really, really good)

Fallen from the Heavens:The Galilean moons are pulled to Earth as humans, and need to learn to survive in this new world, and get back into orbit around Jupiter.

IN WRITING Stories I am currently writing on the site. One-shots will not be included in this category.


PUSHED ASIDE When I have been writing a story, but I get inspiration for one of my others, I push that story here until I decide to return to it. These stories WILL continue, just not for some time.


FORGOTTEN Stories I am considering dropping entirely for any number of reasons. If I get enough positive reviews or find the inspiration to return to it, I will push it to a higher-priority.

Fallen from the Heavens:I am seriously considering dropping this.

EXTINCT This is the final resting place for stories I have considered, on the whole, a failure, and will not look back on. Ever. I do not place stories here lightly; if it is here, stop checking it for updates, because they are never going to come.

COMPLETE Exactly what it sounds like, stories I have finished will be placed here. This is the only place where I will put my 1-shots. Stories here will not be updated for obvious reasons.

Forever:A look at the possible future of humanity, and how everything comes to an end eventually.

A Feud of Nature and Humans:The battle between humans and Mother Nature.

Other random information

I don't use Favorite Author. I just... don't like it for some reason.

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