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I'm Australian, female and couldn't do anything without my family. You may also call me "Master Procrastinator!" I'm Aussie and lazy; didn't see that one coming!

A little about me is that I love to read, write and listen to music. Writing is my favorite pass time and if I'm not doing homework (which I have trouble focusing on,) I'm writing up a new plot:) It's addictive, really.

I am a fanatic when it comes to archery, I even have my own recurve and hope to get a longbow for my next birthday:) I don't attend any lesson... yet. And my favorite novel is Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen, but it's a toss-up between that and Percy Jackson series, by Rick Riordan. But, my favorite author of all time is Barbara Cartland (She focused on historical romance genre)

Manga in itself is a whole new level; it goes 1. Bollywood, 2.Manga, 3. Reading and writing stories:)

Sorry, this is probably really not that great. Anyway, I'm in my last year of Secondary school:) Not fun!

Thank you for reading my monotonous... and slightly boring... Profile:D

Oh, by the way, I'm really sorry for the very few who read my stories, but I'm on hiatus for a while. All these uni classes and assessments really don't agree with my lazy self:)

A little heads up... If any of you actually like my stories, I've decided to share these on wattpad:) Here's a link following the notification if you want to read my stories:)


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