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Hi Seashells! Thank you so much for checking out my stories. All of your views and reviews mean a lot to me and they motivate me continuing writing. :) You are amazing and I love you all! Stay inspired! xoxo, Chelly

Want to know a secret? I used to hate reading! I honestly despised it with a passion. That is, until my cousin introduced me to 'Someone Like You' by Sarah Dessen, who is a great author by the way. Once I read one of her books, I became addicted and started to read more of them, which lead me to reading other authors such as Simone Elkeles and more! Reading so many of these books led me to thinking about writing my own, which I eventually came around to doing. I recently just finished my first story ever (Inseparable) along with its sequel (Forever and Always), which is all thanks to you guys! I never would've gotten it done without your views and reviews, so thank you very much for your support! I also wrote another story called, For The Fans, and that has been my most reviewed one so far, so I am very thankful for all of your reviews! I am currently working on its sequel, and will post it soon! My writing may not be perfect since I'm just a beginning author, so please read and review in order for me to get feedback on them. :) Keep on reading and writing!

My Stories:

1. Inseparable: Andy and Faye have been best friends for as long as they can remember. They know everything about each other: likes, dislikes, family stories, love lives, everything. What happens when Andy starts to realize his feelings for Faye? Does she feel the same? COMPLETE!

2. Forever and Always A sequel to Inseparable. The story of Andy and Faye continues. Will Andy be able to tell Faye how he feels or will his fear of breaking the friendship get in the way? Does Faye feel the same way or does she still have feelings for Brian, her ex-boyfriend? COMPLETE!

3. Promises: A sequel to Forever and Always. Best friends Tyler and Addie have been together for six years. One day, Addie moves away and when she returns four years later, her memories are lost. Can Tyler help her remember the thing she loves the most and the person she left behind? ON HAITUS, but not for long!

4. For The Fans: Bailey and Ian are in two very different bands. The two bands meet for business reasons and are expected to work together. Thanks to their fans, they're given the chance to reach their dreams together. Friendships are born and feelings are developed. COMPLETE!

5. Trust Me: Callie is an aspiring artist, who lost the will to trust others ever since her parents' divorce. Nate is a lovable guy, who spent his childhood taking care of his younger siblings when his mother fell into depression after his father's tragic death. Together, they learn how to put their trust in each other's arms and find love. IN-PROGRESS

6. The Alliance: Everyone deserves a fresh start in life. However, second chances aren't always served on a silver platter; sometimes you have to work for it. Arden, Tyson, Colin, and Roxy are four delinquents with dark pasts. They trade their old lives for new ones, and join an alliance pledged to do justice for the world. Can they make their new lives work, or will history repeat itself? IN-PROGRESS

My One-shots:

1. Traveling in Twos: Mia recently lost her only family in a tragic car accident. In an effort to move on from her past, she travels the world to find a new place she can call home. On the way, she meets Noah, a young musician, who offers her both friendship and a shot at love. One-shot. COMPLETE!

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