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Hail friend, and well met. Thanks for visiting my page. Much of my writing is inspired by things such as LOTR, Aliens, or even Halo. My two projects, Legions of Sol and Awakening, have been running around in my mind in one form or another for about a decade at this point. It's finally time to start getting them out, and giving them a voice. The former is a science fiction military story originally intended to be an interactive RPG style event with some friends from high school. After a while I scrapped the whole thing and started over, instead using it as more of an outlet for a few of my own experiences and traumas from military service. The latter started as a custom campaign I designed on Warcraft 3 when I was a child. I've had the most difficulty continuing it, because while I know all the high points of the story I have great difficulty connecting them. Originally, of course, it was the player that was meant to do that.

As with anyone this day and age, I have a long history of traumas, depressions, joys, and loves. As with anyone, it greatly influences a lot of what I write. I don't currently plan on having happy endings in any of my stories, as I've found the sad or bittersweet to be more prevalent in life and I'd like my writing to reflect that. Please be aware of this going in. Thanks again for taking the time to check me out. It's greatly appreciated.

I'll always try to review what I read. If you review one of mine, I'll most certainly give you a review as well.

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