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I've never been writing seriously. I started writing fiction when I learnt to read; I've never considered it to be serious since. For me, sharing what I write is a way to encourage others to write and care about the stories in my mind. Of course, this means I have no problem updating sporadically! I promise to make as large a contribution to the site as I can afford however, so don't despair!

In case you were curious, I'm a Canadian and pretty damn awesome. Figured those both needed to be said. And yeah, I review every damn piece I read and return reviews. Why don't you?

- October 19, 2011

Things I Update:

Snapshots on Buses- Updates: Whenever I feel like it.

Horses Made of Sticks- Updates: Mondays.

Traversus Mendax- Updates: Wednesdays.

One-offs/something akin to love- Posted: Fridays.

Want to do me a favour? Review Horses Made of Sticks or Traversus Mendax. I'd prefer the feedback there.

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