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Hello! I'm an amateur writer looking to gain more experience so I've started posting here. I might begin to post more stories or poems later so feel free to have a look at my current stuff and let me know what you think, hope you enjoy! :)

I've also decided to try beta-reading, so if anyone would like a beta, have a look at my profile and send me a PM :)

On a side note: thank you so much to PotterPower who has solved my paragraph problem! That has been bothering me for so long! :) I will eventually alter all of my work so that it's correctly paragraphed - if there are no paragraph breaks in my writing then that'll be why, hopefully be fixed soon! :)

I've begun to delete/take down the pieces that I'm not happy with that haven't received any reviews and may continue to take down more that have received reviews that aren't very good in an effort to improve my writing. As always, thanks to reviewers - much appreciated. :)

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