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"I'm not lazy- I'm just running on energy conservation mode."

I should stop falling in love with fictional characters.

I created a new Tumblr account!

why? ... I'm not really sure, but it has something to do with updates, additional information about the stories, and random babbles from me.

feel free to check it out, and while you're there... it wouldn't hurt to click the FOLLOW button. (Unless your fingers are broken to which I suggest ask someone else to do it for you.)


I'll do my best to follow back.

I'm not a bookworm, just a READING ENTHUSIAST. there's a difference.

About the Stories I've Written:



(p)-in progress

(r)- removed

(p)Our Fairy Tale Life Up Close- inspired by some of my classmates. Just add in more drama and heart wrenching life stories, and you get that story. Please read and review (I got stuck. I'll probably continue this some other time.)

(r)Just Another Friendship Turned Love Story- title's a mouthful, but I like it that way. I got this idea while reading a couple of best friends turned lovers stories. I wanted to write one of my own and well, here's the outcome. Reviews are very much welcomed.

summary: Childhood friends turned lovers. Typical, sure. But kind of sweet. The only downside about this is if you can't remember who your childhood friend is or anything else in your life, for that matter, which in my case, kind of sucks.

(c)17 Things Before 'I Love You'- The fact that I can't write decent love stories irks me a lot. So I gave it another shot and here it is! It's written in a guy's POV. The writing style was inspired by 25 steps to the Altar and the events where based upon my friends love stories. Listening to mushy love things does have it benefits.

(c) Alcohol Intake Test - I like writing and for some reason I always end up writing love stories even though I'm not all that comfortable writing it. Heh.

(p)Crowned Fantasy- I've been into fairy tales and RPGs set in medieval times or some sort of war lately. No, not those knightly-ish princes and damsels-in-distress-useless-just-a-pretty-face princesses, the good ones wherein the prince or adventurer or traveler (dudes) meets a commoner or rouge or thief (girls)who can kick ass better than the guys. Like Mulan or Yuno and of course, from my current addiction ffXIII, Lightning. So when a friend of mine started telling me the story of an otome game she's currently playing, I instantly fell in like with the concept of four capable princes relying (and eventually liking) one girl to help them save their kingdom. Also, because the colors and graphics of said otome game is really good so me visualizing the story was pretty easy. Unfortunately though, I didn't get to play it since I can't read nor understand Japanese and said friend didn't want to be my translator no matter how much force I've placed onto her.

(p)Vesper - I got addicted to a game this summer where pretty much every sacrifice I made in game amounted into nothing *cue feels, so to minimize my depression about every video game I ever played, TA-DAH! VESPER! It wasn't originally named as such and the characters here were original characters from a story I never finished (nor started... just concept ideas) before. It basically had the same feel as Vesper so I had to re-organize it in my brain so that everything would connect with the other. Huge coincidence that the title for the original work the characters were from and the video I learned about only a few months ago were somehow the same. O.O Weird.



Slow updates... but updates nonetheless.


Well... tis for me to know and you guys to read on. :))

Please include in your prayers the improvement of my ability to write. And speak.

it's getting depressing.

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