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ButterflyKisses18 PM
Joined Oct '11

Hi!!! :) That's mwah! xP

Age: Is between 12-15! ;)

Location: In your closet. :D

Favorite Dish: Nutella with hot dog buns...o_o

Least Fav. Dish: Pizza

Favorite Drink: Water

Least Fav. Drink: Soda

Hobbies: Softball, volleyball, singing, playing the piano, drawing, shopping, writing, and others! :D

Fav. TV show(s): Spongebob (yes even my parents and my older sister, pretty much everybody loves this show, I will always), the Simpsons, South Park, Jerseylicious, Ghost Adventures, Dead Files, Tru TV dumbest criminals/drivers/partiers, MOBwives, and others. XD

Hope you enjoy my stories! I love you all for the support. Thank you very much. :)

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