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Okay people! I am not gonna go all we must bring awareness to the deletion of stories with lemons and much much violence. I mean I already do that on my fanfiction account.

Since I have a high probability of over half my stories getting deleted over there I'm gonna spend more time over here!! -

And so I (theoretically) play baritone in my middle school band. (Well I quit but I'm rejoining so I can be in beginning band another time... It's complex and I wanted to go to saxophone or trombone. I finally got down bass clef. Because I play bass instruments but usually on treble clef. But since my bass has no treble clef music I learned bass!)

I live in America (which mean crappiness)

I live in the south. And the bible belt. (Which means the spiritualist gets a lot of judgement put on her.)

FtM baby! Well to myself. No one else knows. And if one of my friends found out she would probably start smacking me. Oh I know. But she's great when she's not smacking you (this means I want to transfer school. If I came to school with a binder on, this would mean many questions arising, and many bullies coming out to get me. That would be kind of funny... I used to have a lot of bullies...)

I also used to have a lot of guy friends. But I have like four girl friends. All of them are bi. Except one is like me and likes guys in the gay way. Like you feel like a guy and you like guys more. (This may be because I feel like girls are vile creatures who easily stab you in the back.)

Technically I'm bi. But I swing more towards men. In the gay way.

Anyways I'm sure you are tired of listening to this...

Oh and soon my user name will probably be changed to Jay Steel. Good Ra my guy name...

But I love skateboarding!

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