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Hey guys! So this is formally: macymay201! And some things about me:

I like a guy named Phillip L and I think I am in love with him, hence the username...Phillip L is not a famous person...

I have a novel that I have written that I want to get published real soon...
It's about vampires, werewolves, and angels :D

I LOVE Kendall Schdmit, Jasper Whitlock from Twilight, and Harry Styles :D :)

I have an account on FF you can find me at the username, JasperandKendallrmine4ever, if need be. I also have another account on there, just for my Harry Potter stories, the username is FredandHermionealltheway.

I have quite a few stories.

Name: Macy

Last Name: Stalker...

Birthday: Double Stalker...

Where I live: Triple Stalker...

What school do I go to: Quadrouple Stalker...

How old am I: Five Stalker...(I forgot what it was after Quadrouple..)

BYES!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a Spazzy Mushroom :D

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