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'Ello fellow authors!!

But let me cut to the chase, to abuse a commonly used metaphor.. I'm here to write stories that inspire, educate, and entertain people. I am interested in a plethora of subjects, and when I am interested in something, I write about it. I am pretty young, I am assuming, for this site compared to other authors (I am fourteen years old, if you were wondering) but I don't intend to let that be an excuse in anyway for any mistakes or laudable themes in my work. I'd definitely appreciate, if you happen to come across any of my stories that you review, and as critically as you wish. I won't complain about what you say, because every true author knows that you only succeed by appealing to readers, and frankly, if it sucks, I wanna know about it. And if you were impressed, I wouldn't mind knowing that too. I review absolutely everything I encounter, and I hope there are more people like that. I hope this will let me mature and expand my writing skills, and meet other writers like myself.

Here are some topics I am interested in-

Egyptology- I have been fascinated since early childhood; the invigorating culture, the expansive mythology, and the monumental relics combine to make the perfect setting for a slew of characters and situations... not to mention I will very much enjoy my research ;)

Romance- It's what I live for! (Even though my social life displays my out-standing ability to live without it) A convincing, sometimes tragic and entertaining romance is something nearly every good story has, and what everyone likes to immerse themselves in! Even the most discreet fluffiness is admired by me... :P

Dystopian Societies- (like in The Hunger Games, The Giver, The Uglies Series, and recently, Matched, to name a few famous ones) The idea that 'perfection' can be deadly is fascinating to me..or the 'secret rebellion' type stuff, where everything is impoverished except for a totalitarian capital that no one excepting one would dare stand against. I eat it up! There are so many interesting possibilities for the future, and there is endless possibilities for originality... I will most likely go this route or my first work on this site...

Now here, I will tell you exactly what I will never do, and completely ignore/avoid/disagree with/am disturbed by-

-Any kind of homosexuality themed writing... I just don't agree with the concept.. If you are gay, lesbian, bisexual (insert 'term' preference here..) than that means you have a preference based on trying it both ways if you get my gist..and I am a Christian, stead-fastly, so I don't agree with hopping from bed to bed* as it were...so that is my words on that...

(* in the purposes of a plot, given the circumstances involved and if it is timed perfectly with the movement of the story elements/characterization/etc. I will tolerate pre-marital sex...good stories take risks and cross boundaries, and that is the kind of writing I personally take part in...HOWEVER if there is constant sex, accompanied with drugs, drinking/partying, and it occurs on a daily basis in the story with no consequences, it tells me something about the author...something that makes me click the big red 'X')

-Nothing breeds disinterest like poor grammar and down-right irresponsible spelling...keep it professional, people

-And last, but not least, I strongly disagree with any story that involves dark arts/black magic/anti-religious aspects, theme, or plot; although, in the purpose of villiany, it is borderline tolerated. Vampires, wizards, witches, werewolves, demons or horrific creatures of any kind will be spurned and avoided by this writer... It is too crowded and over-rated of a band-wagon for it to even be considered original, not to mention my disagreement with the 'dark' fascination itself (that means you will never catch me taking part in Twilight, Harry Potter or other assorted media) The broad term of 'magic', however, is debatable. Mythology, fantasy, or scince fiction other-worldliness is something I do agree with, and am interested in (Percy Jackson...anything Tamora Pierce...and Star Wars galore!)

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