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Something about her:

Let me be named as Ashia Blue.

A Certified shoppaholic, sophisticated book lover and collector, fabulous friend and especially a truly believer of wishes and dreams.

For all my life, i've already experience falling in love in so many ways, getting over break-ups, overcomming family problems and encountering Miracles.

Personal Information:

I'm now 14 and i live in the philippines. My love for reading and books started when i was just 5 or 6 years old. As i remember, We have this library in school and i've borrowed the first book that i've read entitled "Thumbelina" After that, i continue reading and reading then soon i was given a merit for being a Book Lover.

When i am 10 or 11 yrs. old, my hobby of reading stopped because i've transfered schools and fiction books is not common in there. Then i transfer to another school, again, and this time, i already brought back my hobby of reading.

The book that brought my hobby back is ... The 39 clues: Maze of Bones written by one of my favorite author, Rick Riordan. Some of my Fave authors will be Sophie Kinsella, J.K. Rowling, Trenton Lee Stewart, Suzanne Collins, Becca Flitzpatrick, and Nicholas Sparks.

Aside from reading books and writting stories, other hobbies of mine are singing, dancing, listening to music and more. :))

To be in paris, the city of love, and seeing the eiffel tower will be my greatest wish in life.

Ashia's wish list:

1. Go to Paris. Fall in love.

2. A publish story.

3. Be fashionable.

4. Be pretty.

5. The rest will remain secret. ;)

Dear Readers:

For i'm a fan of Romance, Supernatural, Fantasy, Mythology, and Humor, most of my books will be based on the following themes.

Also, some may be inspired by my favorite books like Harry Potter series, Sophie kinsella's creations, The hunger games trilogy, Percy jackson and the olympians series, Candy apple books and more. You may notice different errors and mistakes in my future stories so if you'd like, May you review them and tell me the mistakes.

Some of my stories are based on my own experience and some are just products of my imagination

Currently, i am working on a romantic fiction but still having a hard time to work on it because of my schedule. I still don't have a title for it, but i'll work on it soon.

In reading my stories, you may notice that i have a different way in expressing my stories. It may not be express maturedly, for the fact that i'm still 14, but i wish you'll still stay tuned. For those who'll review my stories, i'll try my best to put notice on your complains and i'll really, really, really try to review yours too. (I like reading so i'm sure i'll be reading your stories by 80%)

Please PM me if you need favors or what. I'll be glad to help.

Hope you'll love my stories.

Sincerely Yours,

Ashia Blue.

P.S. Why not catch up with her?
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