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My name is Frankie. I'm a grownup.

My pronouns are "they" and I like to write about gay stuff, magic, and monsters.

Update-- I'm not dead! A fact for which I'm very thankful. It's been a hell of a year or two! I went to university, came back from university, moved to Essex, moved away from Essex, moved to London, moved away from London, and ended up right back where I started. I only dare to hope that I've got some interesting stories to show for it.

Wow, I'm sorry about how long I've left Orienteering to linger. I'm on the case and I'll get it finished as soon as possible. In the meantime, I'm bursting with two years' worth of interesting notions and I'll have plenty more up here over the next few months.

So that being said, happy new year, everyone!

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