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FEEL FREE TO ADD MY ORIGINAL ACCOUNT, IN WHICH I POST ALL MY OLD ORIGINAL STORIES TO-- http://www.fictionpress.com/u/189918/Melissa_Norvell

TIDES OF WAR GAME: It can be viewed here: irl-fumus.

My icon- Angla from my webcomic/story Tides of War.

When I Update - Obsolete Garden and Tides of War are weekly updates. Everything else is whenever I can.

Obsolete Garden - Chapter 5: The Depths of Insanity (3/5/17)

Le Maree Della Guerra - Movement 20: In The Jaws of a Predator (3/17/17)

Trapped in Purgatory- Lesson 8: Struggle (3/7/17)

Capricious Infection- Act 47: Disaster (12/1/16)

My real name is Melissa Norvell and I'm an aspiring manga artist and writer. I'm 31 years old and live in Oklahoma. My life-long dream is to become a manga-ka and I've been working very hard on my stories that I also have drawn versions of. I just hope that they are good enough to one day help me achieve my dream.

I also have a personal Facebook page. If you want to get into contact with me that way, please add me here- http://www.facebook.com/melissa.norvell.5 (NOT ACTIVE)

My Skype is mechachinarium. Just tell me who you are in an invite and I'll add you.

When you send me an invite, just make sure that you state that you're from FictionPress so I know who you are. If you fail to do so, I might not accept your request. I have a lot of friends from various places on that account so I often get confused with new adds.


You review me, and I will review you in return.

I will not give you a review just for leaving me a review that suggests I read your stories. That is not a proper review and it shows me that if you have nothing to say about my story then you haven't read it and you just want a review without reading my material.

I will return the number of reviews given to me. If you've read my whole story then I will read yours.

Fair is fair.

Reviews I Owe People. If your name is below, I still owe you a review or many. I will take the names off as I give out the proper number of reviews.


Claudia E. Fauste

Future Stories

Lion Emperor Tajara

Ioli's Clown

Unable to Surrender


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