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On Temporary Hiatus - my whole hard drive wiped and since I never defrag all files are irretrievable. Any new chapters that haven't been posted have been deleted :(

Hey, I've loved reading and writing since forever. I love the cliche romance stories such as brother's best friend, geek and popular, best-friends, step-siblings etc. I have ten plus different stories on the go that evolve around these pairings, some even more than once. (I think I have 4 brother's best friends)

Most of my stories I've set in a fictional town in England named WestHill, surrounded by other fictional towns. I like the idea of my stories being a series and can never let go of character that I love! Therefore if you were to read more than one of my stories (or all of them) you will find Roxanne hanging around in the back and maybe Taylor laughing with Alex. Teegan joking with her brother and Taylor. I love the idea of making a whole town and lives that never stop moving just because a different story is now being told.

I'm a young (25) mother of two from England, I have one sister (Twin), 3 older brothers, 2 nephews and a niece. I read a lot. Anything ranging from Romance to fantasy to horror/thrillers and mystery. I do not like sci fi, supernatural or real world &magic stories and yes, I have tried them :). My favourite story from child hood would have to be Redwall.

Want to pester me into updating, or just check what I'm doing. Catch me here at my blog or Wattpad.

21/08/14: Someone's stolen my story Best Shot! Contemplating taking it down for good :( Help take this down - http:///forum_posts.asp?TID=3569266

12/04/14: Chapter thirteen of A Brilliant Mistake up.

January 14 - took a break for christmas and now my new born son decided to be 12 days early! Starting writing again so hopefully I'll have an update for A Brilliant Mistake soon.

11/11/13: Chapter two of The Wrong Man is Best is up. NaNoWriMo.

11/11/13: NaNoWriMo attempt chapter one up. The Wrong Man is Best

21/10/13: Chapter 11 up for A Brilliant Mistake.

30/08/13: Chapter 9 up for A Brilliant Mistake.

07/08/13: So I've been away on holiday and doing family stuff in this stupid heat wave, only to come back to see I've been nominated for SKOW, which is amazing. Please vote for Roxanne and Logan for best het if you love them :) p.s updating in a few days.

West Hill Series:

-A Brilliant Mistake-:

Rox has made a terrible mistake. After a heavy night drinking she wakes up to find she's cheated on her boyfriend with her brother's best friend, the guy she says she detests. She just can't remember what made her do it. Not all mistakes turn out bad.

Status: Incomplete. 13/21 chapters. 46,921 Words. - Last updated 12 Apr 14 - Current chapter 55% complete. SKOW nominated, round 13.


She was the only one to see the robber's face. The only one to know it was Nathan. The boy her parents disapproved of. Her Crush. Her newest friend. Her best friend.

Status: In Progress.

-All The Wrong Reasons-

Arianna only meant to seduce famous actor Jake "Blaine Carter" in the hopes he'd pay her off handsomely to prevent yet another scandal. She didn't expect to fall for him, nor to discover that his intentions weren't exactly honest either.

Status: In preparation.

-Couldn't, Wouldn't, Shouldn't Forget-: To be re-titled.

Sequel to Untitled and Shadows.

The important thing to remember about leaving the past behind is to never look back. No matter how tempting it might be. One stray thought and a person could find themselves in the deepest, darkest well of emotion, or boarding a long haul train. Nikki knew that all too well.

Status: Incomplete. 1/? Chapters. 2200 words. - Last Updated VOID - Current chapter 5% complete.

-Love Me-:

Can you want something so much you actually prevent yourself from getting it? Perhaps. “...Wow.” she said slowly, “so do I have to go to a ceremony or buy special candles for rituals or something?” Liam, still smiling, frowned at her. “What?” “How should I go about worshiping you? I mean you’re obviously God!”

Status: Coming soon. 50% complete.

-Anything But Perfect-:

She was about to marry the perfect guy, in what was bound to be a perfect ceremony and heading off into what was predicted a perfect future. She had everything she ever wanted. Everything any girl wanted. So why didn't she? She wanted the imperfect, ragged edged, mess of a guy: Adam.

-Chasing Butterflies-: (Temporary summary)

Kara has been chasing butterflies all her romantic life. She can't figure out why she can't stay in love. Butterflies aren't love.

Status: Coming Soon.

-Portraying Love-: (Temporary summary)

Annaleigh and Luke. Can pretending to feel something for so long actually make you feel it? Or was it just because she had been so lonely since Alex...

Status: Coming Soon

Winter Hearts series:

-The wrong man is Best:

If there was one thing Skye Marin had learned, it was that you should never accept a dare under the influence of too many strawberry daiquiris. The morning after she had expected to feel relaxed, happy. Oh, alcohol had a lot to answer for! Tanner Harrington hadn't given much thought to the pretty raven head before, now she was all he could think about. NaNoWriMo 2013.

Status: Incomplete. 3/? Chapters. 10345 Words. - Last Updated: 23-11-13 - Current chapter at 25% complete.

One Shots:

-Best Shot-:

“I want... I want to apologise, I want you to forgive me, I want to be able to walk into a room without a nuclear missile aimed at my head!” What do you do when you've pissed off the girl you want to confess to? Give it your best shot.

Status: Complete. 1/1 Chapters. 3219 Words. - Published: 30-7-12 Last updated: 05-11-12 (Reviewed on Fallingstarawards)

-Free Hugs-:

Hannah wasn't a particularly touchy person. She didn't hug people, so how she finds herself out on the high street hugging people for charity is a mystery to her. One-Shot. Written for a prompt.

Status: Complete. 1/1 Chapters. 2258 Words. -Published: 06-09-13 Last updated: 06-09-13

-Shadows-: In Progress.


-The Battle of Valkere-:

I remember a time when I felt no pain. No grief ruled my emotions. I was filled with determination. I had a purpose. Two years have passed and yet I still turn expecting to see your face. Sometimes, when I'm between sleeping and waking, I swear I can hear your voice. Is it my imagination?

Status: In progress. Coming soon.

Random Trivia:

Logan Matthews - He was named after Logan's Rock, Porthcurno in Cornwall. I was on Holiday in Cornwall when I thought of the story. Turns out his family is originally from around there and they moved up to West Hill shortly before he was born.

All work presented under this account, unless otherwise stated, is copyrighted under a "Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License". If you see my stories and/or characters duplicated on any other websites, please let me know.

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